Red Dot Award

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USSPA achieved an extraordinary international success, being awarded with a prestigious world product design award RED DOT.

It is exactly one year ago, when USSPA celebrated its 20th Anniversary and launched the new generation of private spas, created in cooperation of our internal designer, academic sculptor Petr Slanina and designer Filip Streit from Divan design studio. LyraiN, a pilot model of the new generation spa line, won in competition of product design and received the RED DOT 2016 award. Model LyraiN was a model for design of the whole new line USSPA | privat.

The major world product design competition is organized since 1955 by Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen in German Essen.Products submitted for the 61st edition of the Red Dot competition were judged by so far the largest jury – comprising 41 independent designers, pedagogues and professional journalists, who were tasked to evaluate more than 5 000 registered products from 57 countries according to the criteria of innovation, ergonomics, functionality, durability, ecological responsibility, but also according to symbolic and emotional aspects of each of the products.

"Investment into design and development of new technologies has brought sales success and now even this exclusive international design award. It is a great satisfaction to us and also a confirmation that the right decisions have been made regarding the company strategies and it is of course a huge encouragement to us as well," says Mrs. Kateřina Kadlecová, a director and a co-owner of the family-run company.