Smart USSPA whirlpools

Вернуться к списку

The spas of the Czech manufacturer USSPA are modern and technologically advanced. The new electropack is a  proof of that. In its products offers the USSPA company the latest and most modern spa management in the field.

There is the new electropack installed in all spas of product line Universum Spa and in all Swim Spas since 1.6.2013, ready for easy integration into a variety of intelligent building management systems. Electropack is the brain of each spa, manages the operation and control of all necessary functions. Owners of spas of the Czech manufacturer will be able to control spa and to have overview of its operation through the intelligent management of the house. This new gear is included as a  standard at no extra charge.

USSPA is among the first suppliers of spas throughout Europe to offer this level of integration. So far, no importer of products from North America (not to speak of China), is not able in this regard to offer a  comparable solution. USSPA additionally offers its customers assistance with integration. At present, the newest electropack in the spa industry, produced by the Italian company Astrel in accordance with the highest European standards, contains the most advanced hardware, software is specifically programmed exclusively for USSPA.

The world premiere introduction of the new switchgear of USSPA held place during the International Building Fair Construmat in Barcelona, Spain (May 21st to 24th of 2013).