USSPA supporting young architects

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The ceremony of the students’ competition winners’ announcement accompanied with the varnishing day took place on 24th May, 2010. The competition was announced by the Bydlení IQ portal in January 2010 and USSPA became one of the two official partners. The theme was the architecture students’ point of view on the living matters.

The unique space of the Wines Home building in Prague emphasized exceptional atmosphere of the architecture spirit. The jury was choosing from 131 received works.

Petra Krobotová, student of FSV ČVUT Prague / Erasmus, Gotebord, Sweden was pronounced as the absolute winner with her project “Norra Guldheden, low-cost living”. USSPA congratulates to all honored students and wishes a lot of energy, inspiration and success to all participants.

The exhibition of the students’ works takes place in Wines Home until 20th June, 2010.