Personal changes

Вернуться к списку

After 16 years of existence, USSPA, leading European producer of spa, is announcing changes in its TOP management. Effective from November 1st, 2011 Kateřina Kadlecová, previous marketing manager and co-owner, is officially taking over the post of general director after her father. USSPA’s founder, Petr Kolář, remains in the owner position.

Based on the above mentioned changes Jan Kadlec, former export manager, was appointed as the CEO and will be involved in the company management. Marie Kalousová holds a  position of marketing manager. She works in the marketing department for 3 years and is responsible for all marketing activities, PR, advertisement, web, fairs, promotional materials etc. For the family company USSPA the generation change is a natural outcome of the close professional cooperation full of confidence and mutual harmony
The ceremonial handover of the leadership took place symbolically on October 4th, 2011 during the Czech premiere and official launch of our revolutionary novelty – spa Solitaire – to the Czech market; the same day as Petr Kolář’s 60th birthday.
USSPA is a producer of the complex assortment of spa for private and commercial facilities including the Swim Spa for all year use. Behind the all production of family company USSPA
there is not only high personal effort, lasting for 16 years, but also first class quality, original design, own innovations and development. Following professional services, reliability and
permanent customer care are a matter of fact.

Thanks to these values USSPA achieved the respected position in the field of spas in the worldwide scale and is continuously holding the leading position in the Czech market
USSPA is located in region Pardubice, in Dolní Dobrouč near Ústí nad Orlicí. There are not only headquarters but also the manufacturing facilities and the main showroom of the company. USSPA owns also another showroom in Zeleneč, eastern part of Prague and in Brno. USSPA exports to over 20 foreign countries not only around Europe, e.g. France, Poland, Switzerland but also for example to Ukraine and Persian Gulf. USSPA entered Spanish market directly in 2009 and opened the sub-company USSPA Hispania in Alicante.