USSPA is celebrating 15 years on the market

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USSPA celebrates 15 years on the market

USSPA, the 1st producer of spas in the Czech Republic celebrates its 15th anniversary. The company is a  leader in the field of spas on the Czech market and is also one of the most significant spa manufacturers in Europe.

USSPA produces and delivers complete range of spas for private and commercial use. Although spas and Swim Spas from the Czech manufacturer belong to the highest price categories they are the best selling ones on the Czech market in a  long term. The reason is surely accordant to high quality, exceptional design and function. What stands behind the company’s success is the truly personal relation and customer care, guarantee of professional services and reliability.

USSPA is a  family company. The owners are Ing. Petr Kolář, and his daughter Ing. Kateřina Kadlecová. In the top management there are also their partners in life – Hana Kolářová and Ing. Jan Kadlec.

USSPA is located in region Pardubice, in Dolní Dobrouč near Ústí nad Orlicí. There are not only headquarters but also the manufacturing facilities and the main showroom of the company. USSPA owns also another showroom in Zeleneč, eastern part of Prague. You can find complete range of all USSPA products in both showrooms. USSPA exports to 24 foreign countries not only around Europe, e.g. Switzerland, France, Slovenia but also for example to Ukraine and newly to Persian Gulf. USSPA entered Spanish market directly in 2009 and opened the sub-company USSPA Hispania in Alicante.

USSPA in numbers

27th March, 1995 – Establishment of the USSPA, s.r.o. (under its original name U.S.Spa, spol. s r.o.)

73 – Actual number of employees

2002 – The year of official beginning of USSPA’s own production

19 – Number of offered models of spas and Swim Spas

2.300 – Square meters of all USSPA showrooms

6 – USSPA prizes

4 – USSPA patents